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Baby Remy Has Arrived

Huge congratulations to Jo, Los and Beau on the safe arrival of
Remy James Leonard Burrett, born 16/11/20, 7lb 9oz @ Eastbourne DGH.

Now a family of 4 with Jo surrounded by men!
She'll cope I'm sure.


Great big congratulations to Vicky ( from Jets) and Shane on their new arrival, Miley Newman.

She arrived on the 5th July at 18.10 weighing 9lbs 8ozs.

I hope she's keeping you both busy and we all wish you lots of happiness and fun with Miley.

Baby Bethany arrives

Congratulations to Kym from Hunters and Calum on the birth of their little Bethany Amelia.

She arrived on 18th July at 11.20 and weighing in at 8lbs 2oz.

Hunters have already signed her up.

Lovely news Kym.

It's a girl!

Sophie, (captain of X-Treme)and Dan have done us proud and produced a beautiful baby girl, Florence Jane Marsland.

She arrived yesterday, 15th May weighing 6lb 8oz. at 5.50 in the morning.

Congratulations to all the family and we can't wait to meet her.

Another little netball player

Congratulations to Kerrianne and Ryan on the birth of Isla Olivia Jones.

Isla arrived on the 21st October, at the Conquest Hospital in Hastings at 22.17pm
Obviously going to be a night bird.
She weighed 7lbs 8 ounces.

So welcome to our world Isla and we look forward to meeting you very soon. Maybe when the weather's warmer.

New Edition

A very big, but little belated, congratulations to our Fe and Daniel Keeping on the birth of their second son, Owen Daniel Keeping.

He was born on the 15th July at 0.32 hours and weighed in at 7lbs 6oz.

Big brother Jackson is excited and is going to teach him everything he knows.

Welcome to our world Owen, it's going to be fun

Another girl for Eastbourne Netball League

Congratulations to Steph and Ben on the arrival of beautiful little Olivia Georgina White

She couldn't wait to meet us all so she decided to make her entry at 36 weeks on the 5/10/18.

Time 12.55, in Hastings and she weighed 5.10lbs.

So a very big welcome Olivia, and we hope to meet you very soon.

Mary Finney Tournament

14 teams competed in our 8th Mary Finney Tournament yesterday, 23rd June.

It was a tremendous success with a table full of excellent rafffle prizes and a colourful display of team kit adorning our courts.

Thank you to our wonderful umpires who gave up their day running up and down the courts keeping you all in check. Roz,Michelle, Maryann, Gail, Joolz and Mandy. Also those who stepped in to give our umpires a break.
To Viv for running the results table and many other jobs.
To two of our junior players from Southern Starz for timing and running up and down ringing the bell, Meg and Ruby
To David Finney, our chief photographer and raffle caller. We look forward to seeing all the pics.


Winners of the Cup 2018 Eastbourne 1
Winners of the Plate 2018 Eastbourne 2

3rd place:Seaford
4th place:Eastbourne 3
5th place:Jets
6th place:Bedes
7th place:Panthers
8th place:Rampage
9th place:Roselands
10th place:Contrast
11th place:Twilight
12th place:Hornets
13th place:Pink Ladies
14th place: Birds

We have raised £ 900
A brilliant amount for Macmillan Cancer Care

Winnie June Wilkinson Has Arrived

Congratulations to Lauren and Rob on the birth of their daughter Winnie June, born on 27th July at the Conquest Hospital at the convenient time of 5.55pm.

Winnie weighed 5lb 12oz and all is well.

Hopefully we will meet Winnie very soon.

Versatility with a TWIST July 13th

A very successful rally was held last night with 8 teams competing in a versatility.

The TWIST enabled the WA to take a shot from the outside of the shooting circle and if a goal was scored,5 goals were achieved.
Teams rotated positions every game.

Only two games per team allowed the twist but it made the rally more exciting and definitely quite humorous.


Winners were Sideways 8....congratulations ladies. You won every game.
2nd Eastbourne 1
3rd Roselands
4th Hornets
5th Eastbourne 2
6th Diamonds
7th Harlequeens
8th Hawks

There were some very high scoring games in the 13 minutes, with Eastbourne 1 scoring 28 goals in one match. Due to the TWIST!

All monies will be added to our Grenfell Tower fund and thank you umpires, players, scorers and spectators for a great night of netball.

There was lots of laughter and hoots when the WA attempted the long distance shots and loud applause if these were successful.

Mixed Netball Rally

We had 10 teams in our mixed rally this year and you all played lots of netball.

It was a fantastic atmosphere on and off court and I want to thank all players, umpires, scorers, Roz on the results table and spectators.

Winners of the 2017 Eastbourne Netball League Mixed Rally
were....LAMPYLES + 1 with 45 points and not losing a game.Well done to them

2nd: Naughty Prawns...39 points
3rd:The Good, Bad and The Cuddly 35 points
4th:Wildcats 33 points
5th: Roselands 31 points
6th: Warriors 21 points
7th: Battle Sparks 2 19 points
8th: Battle Sparks 1 17 points
9th: Bexhill Bandits 15 points more goals for
10th Bexhill Bullets 15 points

It was great to see so many of my old students, well done boys! You did me proud.

Girls great to see you still playing netball. Stay in touch.

Monies collected once courts and umpires paid will go to the children caught up in The Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Thank you everyone.


Well another scorching hot day for our Annual Mary Finney Tournament.

10 teams competed in 2 x mixed pools for the morning round.

Then the first five teams with the highest score played in the afternoon for the Cup and the next five teams played for the Plate.


Winners of the Mary Finney Cup Eastbourne 1 with 16 points

2nd Sideways 8 15 points
3rd Hornets on goal difference 11 points
4th Harlequeens 11 points
5th Rosettes 5 points

Winners of The Mary Finney Plate Seaford with 20 points

2nd Eastbourne 2 16 points
3rd Eastbourne 3 11 points
4th Hawks 6 points
5th Bexhill 3 points

Congratulations to our winners and all the teams for competing in such a great spirit, as always, especially considering the tropical Eastbourne conditions.

Thank you to our umpires, Lisa, Karen, Michelle, Joolz,Roz and Emily who gave their time free so we could run the tournament.
Plus all of you who helped me on my court and helped to give the umpires a game off for a drink!

Thank you also to Dell,our chief results captain and timer extraordinaire who seemed to have a lot more luck with our claxton than I ever do.
He was cheap, a bag of sweet and salty popcorn kept him happy.

It was great to catch up with David,Mary's husband, who took lots of pictures which I will download on the website ( well Craig will) as soon as possible.
David is always so appreciative of the work we all do and the enjoyment we get out of netball in the Eastbourne Netball League.

So the news we all want to hear....we all raised £575
£450 on entries and £125 on the raffle.

Thank you everyone


Happy news:
Kerry, Leah and Adrian welcomed a new member of the family into the world on the stroke of midnight 7th June.

A beautiful daughter named Iyla May Elliott.

Iyla was born in Pembury Hospital, weighed in at 9lb 5ozs.

Mum and Iyla well, Leah excited to big a big sister and Adrian,dad, probably still celebrating.

Seaford win Mixed Legaue

We had 4 teams in the mixed league this summer and they played each other twice over three weeks.
It was great fun and all teams really played competitively in the sun.
The winners with 16 points was Seaford..well done
2nd Hotshots with 13 points
3rd Warriors with 12 points
and Bad Assets, a very new team, 0 points.
There was definite improvement with all teams, particularly Bad Assets who, once they got the hang of it, started to play great netball.

Thank you to the umpires and see you all next year.

Ruby Anne Arrives

Great news. We have another potential netball player.

Ruby Anne was born Easter Sunday, 8.23, weighing in at 7lbs 15ozs.

Congratulations to Sam, Lee and big brother Ashton

Congratulations Jo and Los

Another new addition.
Welcome Beau Arthur Graeme Burrett, who was born on 4th December at 20.16 and weighed in at 7lbs.9ozs.

Well done Jo and Los and we look forward to meeting him

Mary Finney Cup and Plate 2015

Another great tournament with 13 teams competing for the cup and plate and the lollies!

We played a round robin in two pools to select positions for the final round

13th place Rosethorns
12th place Cadbury
11th place Eastbourne 2
10th place Rebels
9th place Lewes
tied 7th place Hunters and Seaford
6th place Rosettes
5th place Roselands
4th pace Rapids
3rd place Concept
2nd place and winner of the Mary Finney Plate Eastbourne 1
1st place and overall winner of the Mary Finney Cup Galaxy

We have raised £663 whilst having fun....Easy!

I have lots and lots of pictures which I will post soon, but if anyone has any 'quirky or funny' pictures please let me have a copy

congratulations Mick and Natalie

Jake Charlie was born Thursday morning weighing in at 6lb 1oz
Great news Mick....another umpire in the making

We all wish you well and, lots of fun and and happiness for the future

Welcome Rufus

Good news...Sam Cheshire from Bexhill NC gave birth to Rufus on 22/12/14
A lovely early Xmas present!
He weighed in at 8lbs 3.5ozs. and was born at 16.21
A very warm welcome to Rufus and well done Sam

Benjamin Arthur Merchant arrives in time for Xmas

Congratulations to Kyra and Paul on the safe entry into the world on December 21st, 9.35am
Of Benjamin Arthur Merchant
Welcome to Eastbourne Benjamin and we look forward to seeing you soon

Might need to think about a creche soon?

Grace Alice Arrives

Congratulations to Tasha and Martin on the safe delivery of their daughter Grace Alice
Arrived on 23rd November at 1.48pm
Another player for our league....look forward to meeting her
Well done Tasha and Martin

Stanley arrives

Congratulations to Nicky and Max on the birth of their son, Stanley Ray Dyer
Looking forward to welcoming him down on the Eastbourne netball courts...
Well done to you both

Start of Season Rally 2014

START OF SEASON RALLY. Sunday 31st August

Well played everyone....lots of netball and no rest, so fitness was really tested

Thank you to umpires, Kelly,Nic, Bex and Kez

Scorers worked well so thanks to you all


Winners. Blue Fusion. 16 points
2nd. Rapids. 16 points...close but decided on goal difference
3rd Concept. 14 points
4th. Hornets. 13 points
5th Seaford. 11 points
6th Rosethorns. 7 points
7th Rebels. 7 points again close but goal difference was the decider

Great 3 hours of netball on a sunny Sunday morning

Good luck to all teams for the winter season starting on Thursday 11th September


Big Day For Jo from Bexhill NC

Congratulations to Jo and Los who got married yesterday at Lewes Castle
We wish them all the best and a very happy future together

Mixed rally saturday 26th July

6 mixed teams played in intense heat to earn the title " winners" and to take home the large box of sensations chocolates!

winners. Eastbourne28 points
2nd. Hermaphrodites. 25. Points
3rd. Pigs Might Fly. 24 points
4th. Bullets 18 points
5th. Warriors. 13 points
6th. G 29 12 points
It was a great rally with some classic one liners

" ref, think you got that wrong"
" are we allowed to knock it out of their hands?"
"wow it,s fast"
"how many more games, I,m cream crackered?"
" do I have to stand by their side again?"

But lots of laughter and £ 196 raised for Macmillan Cancer Care
Thanks to Trudy and Kelly for umpiring and Sam, Kerry, Mick, Sharon and Roz for helping umpire on my court

Get practising and we,ll see you next year

Thanks also to Tasha and Lyn for their wonderful massages and kind donation to our charity


Rachel from Concept got married on Saturday and we want to send our congratulations to her and her new hubby!
She married Philip Osborne at the sussex wine centre and are honeymooning in Jamaica

Mary Finney Cup and Plate 2014

Wow what a brilliant day of netball. We had 9 teams battling it out in the morning to decide which teams competed in the cup competition or the plate competition. in the blazing sun the afternoon battle commenced with all teams feeling the heat which was very unexpected

Cup competition:
5th. Seaford
4th. Blue Vusion
3rd. Hornets
2nd Roselands

Winners this year....Eastbourne....well done

Plate competition
4th. Rosettes
3rd. Bexhill
2nd. Harlequeens

Winners this year. Bullets....well done

We raised. £450

As always a big thank you to Jan,Mick,Rose and Ali for umpiring and Lauren and Ben fot the table etc. Tournaments cannot go ahead without these stars!

See you all next year
Photos to follow

Eastbourne netball league wants to wish Claire Guy a speedy recovery after her operation on her leg on Friday Take care Claire and do what the doctor tells you


Kerry and Bex are now qualified 'C' umpires They passed with flying colours on Tuesday so a big well done to both of you

Towards 'C' umpiring course - Sunday 22nd June 2014

Venue: University of Brighton Eastbourne Campus Sports Centre,
Hillbrow, Denton Road, Eastbourne BN20 7SR
Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Cost: £35.00 affiliated members/ £45.00 non-affiliated members
Please see booking form here
Places go quickly so please fill in asap....also we need 20 people so if we don't book on early, they may decide to cancel it.!

Netball Stars!

Junior netball camps for girls school years 4-11 in August at the Harlow Centre in Eastbourne.
Click here for more information, and to sign up!

Playoff Bedes 2 vs Phoenix

Bedes fought hard throughout but Phoenix were on fire and final score was Phoenix 33, Bedes 2, 14. Well done to both teams.
Phoenix will stay in Pool C and Bedes will stay in Pool D for the winter 2014/15

End of Season Finale

Thursday 3rd April saw the end of season playoffs take place...and what excitement we had!

Parklife A vs Bullets

Both teams came out fighting…At the end of first quarter Parklife A were leading by just 3 goals. Same result at the end of 2nd quarter, just 3 goals in it. Getting tense now At the end of the 3rd quarter they were neck and neck and the score was 25 each...It could be anyone’s game Last quarter showed excellent movement in the circle by Parklife and even though the Bullets defence were on top form, Parklife just pulled ahead at the end with a final result of Parklife A 33, Bullets 31 It was a first class game to umpire and we wish to congratulate Parklife A who will be entering Pool B in the winter Commiserations to a strong Bullets team, who never gave up, and who will be entering Pool C in the winter

Blaze vs Tigers

Great name for the Tigers team…they pounced on the first centre pass and ripped through the court at speed. Blaze knew they were in for a fight, but they never gave up and even with some tired legs on court, they played some great netball. Blaze fought hard in the shooting circle and popped in some tremendous shots. Tigers also were stars in the shooting circle. The GA and GS play very well together and were dynamic with the rebounds Final score Tigers 47, Blaze 15 So welcome to Pool A Tigers and Blaze good luck in Pool B

Ladyboy's Mixed to Perfection!

Congratulations to Ladyboys - who wrapped up the Mixed League with a 37-19 victory over Roselands on Tuesday night. In fact, the team led by Rob Wilkinson won all 4 of their matches and will surely be the team to beat next season. Any new teams wishing to sign up for the mixed league, get in touch now!

New Arrival!

Welcome to our latest arrival.... Jackson John Keeping. Born Thursday 13th February to proud Mum and Dad, Fe and Dan Keeping. We wish them all the best and hope to see Jackson on the courts in a few years time.